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BPI or commonly known as the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), is the Philippines’ first internet bank operating in a generally paperless setting with no defined geographical limitations. The banks slogans is quite interesting and eye catching, “Your bank away from home”. Interesting, isn’t it?

BPI empowers its customers, including Filipinos around the globe and the new generation in this vast, quick pace electronic age, to be in full control of their finances. For this purpose it made banking available 24/7, whenever and wherever they may be. The BPI Direct Savings Bank was merged and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the 26th September, 1986, primarily as a subordinate meant to engage in the general business of savings and mortgage banking.

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In the year of 2000, the BPI Direct underwent a major image change. It became the first Philippine bank designed around the telephone and online banking networks. The BPI wanted to provide its clients with a way to have access to their accounts at all times, around the clock as well as to provide the convenience of traditional banking services, such as opening a savings account.

Two years later, BPI Direct readjusted its business strategy towards the Overseas Filipino community, without isolating its existing clientele. Today, emigrant Filipinos in some countries with high numbers of Filipinos, such as Bahrain or Hong Kong, can open BPI Direct accounts, and Filipinos abroad can have access to their accounts from anywhere in the world. Because of this, BPI Direct decided to name itself, “your bank away from home”, which is its endorsed slogan. It is maintained by the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

With the bpicar Loan, driving the vehicle of your choice has never been this easy and laidback. Whether you choices fluctuate between a sedan andan SUV, brand new or 2nd hand, they have flexible funding packages to make owning the vehicle of your choice a reality. If you go for a car loan Philippines, you won’t have to wait for the next day or a longer period of time, you can get a loan decision in as fast as 3 to 8 hours, yes their service is that fast. It is an easy process and you can apply through the Internet, while sitting in the comfort of your house. They have more than 800 BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank branches nationwide, and over 300 partner auto dealerships nationwide.

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They have made the payment of your monthly installments easy through the following options:
Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA), Any of their 24/7 Channels, the BPI Express Phone – Just call 89-100,  about1,200 Express teller ATMs.

As they are the leaders in auto loans, their customers can get low rates and down payment options as low as 20%. The clients can also enjoy a flexible payment term of up to 60 months. The company’s Auto Loan offerings are specially designed to fit your needs. Whether you’re eyeing a brand new car or a second hand unit, or you need a multi-purpose loan with your car as collateral, BPI Family has something to meet all and any of your needs.